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Cure Rehabilitation Foundation - UX/UI and Branding.

Be a better you!- Concept

What is 'Cure Rehabilitation Foundation'?

Serving Vancouver, Canada The Cure Rehabilitation Foundation is a fictional organization that provides an integrated system of care that sustains recovery from the disease of addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders and returns at-risk individuals to their families and communities as healthy, self-sufficient, productive individuals.

How did I come up with this idea?

For the longest time possible I really wanted to design an experience that serves a sense of purpose towards society. This project is really close to my heart as it is dedicated to one of my friends who is currently going through her rehab. She was a major factor in making some of the better decisions while designing this experience.

Why do we need 'Cure Rehabilitation Foundation'?

I think the generation I am growing up in really has become an home for drug overuse and mental illness. We need more than this foundation to fight this addiction so we could rejuvenate again to be better and more responsible individuals.

Defining Strategy Plane

User Goals:

  • Encourage users into rehab and helping them form a better lifestyle.
  • Providing them an home-like experience and share journeys with them.
  • Helping them get rid of their mental illness and anxiety issues.

Business Goals:

Rally benefited users/families or companies to donate towards the cause.

My Role as a designer and Challenge

Cure Rehabilitation Foundation has been designed as a concept so my role was to design an identity of the organization and also design a web and mobile experience for its website.I guess the challenge I was dealing with was to design an experience that looks and feel seamless on both web and mobile layout. The plan wasn't just to design a responsive experience but also form a sense of fluid interaction throughout the website.

Designing an identity

Forming an user persona, Empathy mapping and Information architecture

Web User experience and interface

One of the major features I really wanted to touch upon was creating a quick navigational access to features like 'Live chat', 'Volunteer' and a few more. I really wanted the user feel right at home while browsing through the website.

Navigation Design or on-screen elements allow users to move through the tasks and information intuitively'

I wanted to touch upon this navigational sense of purpose while crafting the information architecture and content for the website.

Mobile User experience and interface

Similar to Web Experience, I wanted to design the mobile experience just as fluid and interactive.

'The methods and devices we use to access information change depending on contrast and preference, but good experience design makes the experience consistent across all platforms'

Cross channeling this experience (designing this experience both on the skeleton and surface place) was something I always had in my mind while designing.


While this has started just as a concept, Something like Cure Rehabilitation Foundation could potentially help a-lot of people who are dealing with some major issues in their lives. It does engage an user intuitively and guides him or her sustaining a better lifestyle.