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Oberon - Desktop Client

Premium Video Streaming Service- Concept

What is Oberon?

Oberon lets you stream videos through your desktop device. Search for any music video from millions of artists around the world and watch for free. Create and share playlists, watch together with your friends in real time or go solo, Discover new up and coming artists and videocasts that you’ll love. Give a new meaning to your musical journey.

Why do we need 'Oberon'?

Music is changing and so are the means of how people consume it. There's a huge industry of music streaming services revolving around this new real state. The Oberon unique's proposed feature set could revolutionize the manner people are streaming the visuals in music.

How did I come up with 'Oberon' ?

The product is heavily inspired by Youtube. Having said that my urge was to craft a medium that could potentially serve only music-based content. I've been thinking about this concept for a few months now. It was only in the rear of April I actually started designing the service.


One of the biggest challenges was to make it set apart from its competitors and still relevant enough. I had to target a feature set that hasn't been tapped into before and finding that, was a task on its own. I also had to figure out if what I am aspiring to make is feasible enough? Could it potentially add a value loop to the company. Hence I proposed a theory of providing the exclusive content which could benefit consumers and the business both.

Strategy and Scope

The ideology wasn't limited to craft another Spotify or Apple music. I wanted to push this product beyond that. Creating a scope that adds an actual value to the product and not make it irrelevant to its competitors. I had to design a structure that adds some new features we haven't yet seen in the marketplace and more so form a feasible environment around it.

My role as designer

My role was to craft the Identity, Strategy, User-experience, Visual Language and User-Interface of the Product. This case study has been published in the May of 2018. 'Oberon' is a conceptual piece of work.

Brand Identity

Oberon, also designated Uranus IV, is the outermost major moon of the planet Uranus. It is the second-largest and second most massive of the Uranian moons, and the ninth most massive moon in the Solar System.

User Personality

Wireframes and Low- Fidelity Sketches

User- Interface and High- Fidelity Screens

1. Discover

Discover tells you what's hot and new in the scene also providing an insight into the best of regional music, exclusive content and more.

2. Oberon Features

Oberon Features lets you discover the new up and coming talent from around the world across different genres giving a voice to the new breed of artists who are going to dominate the music scene for years to come.

3. Artists

Search for your favorite artists, follow their music and exclusive content. Find out the similar artists you might like and grow your library.

4. Your Library

Find everything you save and download at one spot. Navigate and search through your content with ease and make the best out of your experience.

5. Group Watch

Gather your group and chill together. Oberon lets you add up to 4 members to watch your favorite content with. Just add your friends to the group and you're good to go!


Oberon with its unique set of features could set out to be a valuable product in the market. The features that make Oberon Stand out from the rest could massively improve the user experience for the consumers and would potentially form a healthy user growth around itself.