What Do You Understand By Web Application Development Service?

Everything from a simple CMS-enabled website to creating sophisticated progressive web apps, custom business applications, e-commerce portals, and SaaS applications is part of our web application development service.

Custom web application development offerings

Chrishan Technology Solutions is a top-notch web development company in USA, canada & India , having 13+ years of experience from where you can hire dedicated web designers & developers to get end-to-end web and software development services. From designing a simple prototype, redesign existing web apps, migrate legacy code to building a complex web application, our developers are skilled to execute all operations.

Services for SaaS App Development

Our SaaS experts will assist you in developing multi-tenant, secure, and resilient SaaS systems so that you may better serve your clients.

Services for front-end development

Build modern single-page web apps using React.js, Angular.js, and Vue.js' reusable, dynamic, component-driven architecture.

Web App Development Services for Progressive Web Apps

Bring the functionality and performance we've come to expect from native applications to any browser and across devices, with no lag or slowdown.

Services for Node.js and Backend Development

Our software engineers provide a robust backend that can handle growth, integration flexibility, complex data structures, and cutting-edge security.

Web App Development for E-Commerce

We help you develop e-shops and B2B eCommerce websites that enhance your growth using Shopify, Magento, and bespoke frameworks.

Developing Custom Web Apps for Businesses

Build web-based apps like inventory, transportation, learning, and process management tools to enhance performance across the business.

Our web application development

Chrishan is a prominent mobile app development business in the United States, offering one-of-a-kind and unrivalled mobile app development services high in quality and efficiency. We are a company of highly skilled professionals who find, study, create, and implement the Mobility Development process to meet your company’s requirements.

Management of Products

Before developing a Web app or a standalone software program as a product, You must conduct market research. The role of a product manager is to figure out why, when, and what in terms of market competency strategy, roadmap, marketing, and product release.

Business Analysis

The most significant issue in creating Web applications and software for a product is the misalignment of development requirements from stakeholders, product development, and software development teams. Because of the mismatch in specifications, the development team is forced to repeat work and a delay in delivering the product to the customer.


Technical research for Web apps and software development begins during the business analysis process, although most of the study is completed after the project's basic needs are mapped out. Finding suitable front-end and back-end development frameworks is part of the research process of Web app development.

Designing Software Architecture

After understanding project requirements and having a comprehensive conversation with designers and developers, project managers and software architects select and implement architectural software design for Web apps and other software. After the designing phase is completed, the software architecture design is finalized.


To minimize erroneous operations and speed up the web development process, the development phase for generating Web apps (Web applications) is split down into three sections.
● Designing
● Front End Development & UX Development
● Back End Development


Because every software application contains defects even after it is entirely built, software testing is an unavoidable element of Web app (Web application) development and software development. Regressive testing techniques ensure that the produced program is wholly bug-free and capable of handling a high number of users.

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We care about the work we do.

We believe in building interactive web applications, to create websites with a fantastic
user experience beyond the client’s expectations.

We offer Web development services faster turnaround times and assist 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our support team members work around the clock in various time zones to ensure that our clients in different parts of the world are cared for. It gives us adequate time to produce on time, even when deadlines are tight, and to offer support as needed.

It takes time to create a unique solution. It is not enough to code HTML and CSS and submit them using FTP or PHP. Bugs must be tested and repaired regularly. Meeting deadlines while maintaining quality is the most challenging aspect. Many people fail in this situation. The most excellent thing about us is that we have a large staff, which allows us to complete development while keeping high quality.
Sandeep Taur (CEO)

Through our pool of teams, we manage and seamlessly create various web development projects, meeting all deadlines and obligations while adhering to established best practices.

Each client that comes to us with a demand of platform is essential to us. It’s not as if we’re neglecting one client in favour of a higher-priority task. Everyone has the same value. Our staff is what allows us to maintain a balance between different projects. We have the resources to individually handle each job and ensure that it is completed on schedule
Sandeep Taur (CEO)

Your business’s performance is dependent on how focused they are on results. You must know your business’s goals and spend your appropriate time building a plan for achieving those goals. But, focus on results is the most important component in achieving the goals. Do not become distracted; instead, continually measure how sound progress is being made toward the goals. We have our expert team that leads your business towards goal achievement by focusing on the positive results of your business. We support you in changing the world for the better.

Sandeep Taur (CEO)

Transparency means letting your clients see behind the curtains. In this growing digital marketing trend, building trust with your clients becomes a key role in sustaining a successful business. Businesses are becoming transparent, credible and authentic to build trust. Let us control the transparency of your business, and you experience the positive results of it. We help and support your business to become increasingly transparent to engage.

Sandeep Taur (CEO)

Great Team is Making Great Software

Professionals of Chrishan are adding value to the tech team. Value is being offered to build a capable team and the lifecycle of a project as well.

From Code To Your Customers

We believe in developing dynamic web apps and creating platforms that exceed the client’s expectations regarding user experience. We do care about the work we do and the services we serve you.

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Group The Best Crew Possible

We give proper attention and take care of all screening sections, and select the best team that you don't have time, knowledge, or want to accomplish yourself.

Planning For A Sprint

A sprint roadmap is the result of teamwork. Members of the group work together to clarify issues and ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Architecture For Technology

Monolithic apps are broken down into microservices. Decoupling the code helps members of teams to work more autonomously and quickly.

Delivery By Monotony

Instead of a single deadline, we break the implementation process into many checkpoints that work efficiently on them.

Code Audits

Code reviews before release aid in detecting flaws such as memory leaks, file leaks, and performance indicators.

Weekly Demonstrations And Standups

Standups, weekly demos, and weekly evaluations ensure that everyone is on the same page, and they should have the opportunity to assert their issues.

What makes chrishan
stand out from the crowd.

Chrishan is not only an idea, but a dream to meet business needs

The hunt for your tech co-founder is over.

"Our mission is to produce the highest quality work for every client, on every project. Consistently ranked among the top consulting firms across the nation.”"

How we can work

Project Based Support

We majorly work on a project basis for web development services, where a fixed quote is accepted for a defined scope of work of a website or a task.

Ad-hoc task support

We provide support where the scope cannot be defined, requires research work and where our clients can pay as we work or implement the task

Offshore Remote Teams

Build a team specilising in web development, digital marketing and marketing automation 100% dedicated to your business.