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Why augment your tech teams with us?

Using a staff augmentation approach is great when you need an extra boost to your development, either in a single team or across multiple teams. We integrate into existing rituals with ease.

Staff Augmentation
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Scale your lineup on demand

Get the top 1% of tech talent on your timezone

Fill specific skill gaps with top-tier talent Add more people to meet your projects' growing needs.


Integrate developers into your existing teams Add more people to meet your projects' growing needs.


Manage the team yourself Add more people to meet your projects' growing needs.


Get an entire team working alongside you Add more people to meet your projects' growing needs.


Minimize in-house team involvement Add more people to meet your projects' growing needs.


Reduce management involvement with our project managers Add more people to meet your projects' growing needs.


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Complete a discovery call.

Tell us more about your business on a discovery call. We’ll discuss your project requirements, success criteria, timescale, budget and required skill sets to see if we can help.

Step 2

Get the developers you need.

In just days, we’ll hand-select experts based on your needs and required expertise.

Step 3

Onboard and scale as required.

Our team joins yours, and hits the ground running. Onboard your new team members, manage performance, and scale your headcount as needed.

Common questions about staff augmentation

Staff augmentation can be more cost-effective than hiring and retaining in-house employees. You can eliminate costs associated with recruitment, employee benefits, health insurance, training, 401K, office supplies, and more. It is also more flexible as you can easily scale your headcount up or down based on workload demands.

A staff augmentation approach also enables you to hire developers in countries with lower costs of living which is often more cost-effective than hiring locally or in cities with a high cost of living.

Both models can be useful depending on your needs. In a staff augmentation model, you are responsible for managing any third-party staff. With a software outsourcing model, you are more hands-off as you assign day-to-day management and admin tasks to the outsource partner.

Staff augmentation is better when you want to boost your existing teams while staying involved at a management level. Software outsourcing is better when you want to remove yourself and fully delegate your software development to an external team.

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